i.Node series -The i.Node series products are network I/O devices that have adopted the LonWorks flatform (ANSI/EIA/CEA 709.1) and are used exclusively for LonWorks that is a standard for the open distributed control in the industrial automation control sector.

LonWorks-based controlling network can be built by connecting various digital and analog sensors and actuators to the iNode series products, receiving values from the sensors, and controlling the actuators.
i.Node PDI4DO4
Product Features
  4 digital input channels and 4 digital output 4 channels are provided The system’s stability and scalability have been enhanced due to the intelligent distributed control method
  Easy to install and maintain as the system is based on a network. Interactive communication, multi-targeting and multi-controlling are made possible
  Digitalized I/O processing due to intelligent devices Easy to install and manage due to the LNS plug-in program. A user interface is supported.
Product Specifications



Processor Type


Transceiver Type

Processor Clock



AT29C512(32K Flash Memory)

Comm. Media

PLC(Power Line Communication)


100~240 VAC, 50/60Hz


ANSI/EIA/CEA 709.1 Lon Talk Protocol,
ANSI/EIA/CEA 709.2 Power Line

Digital Input

Dry-contact, 30VDC Max (0~9V:ON, 9~ :OFF)

Digital Output

Relay Output, 3A Max


92(W) x 96(H) x 82(D) mm


-10~50℃, 0~85%


Wall mount type or Din Rail Base Plate type


Plig-In type


Digital Input

Select among the digital input detection functions: Direct, One shot, Togle, Pulsed, Override

Digital Output

Set the digital output control functions: Direct, One shot, Togle, PWM, One pulse, Preset, Override

Analog Input

Select among the analog input detection functions : Sensor type and range setting, Filter setting, NV range & offset setting

User table setting, Upper limit/Lower limit alarm setting, Override

Analog Outpt

Set the digital output control functions: Preset table, Input range setting, Scaling, Offset, Override


Set the PID control function: P/I/D factor setting, and P_bias, Deadband, and I limit setting


Input NV comparison function: Equal, Not Equal, Greater than equal, Less, And, Or, Or not

Multi Function

Input NV comparison and operation functions: Logic, Encoder, Counter, On time, And, And not, Or, Or not, Equal

Not equal,Greater than equal,Less,Selector,Higher,lower,Add


Analog Control

Input NV comparison and operation functions: Equal, Not equal, Greater than equal, Less, Select, Higher, lower

And,Andnot,Or,Ornot,Enthalpy,And,Sub,Mul,Div,Output NV scaling

Digital Control

Logic, Encoder, On time, and Counter functions based on Input NV

General Function Block
General Function Block