Main Controller
PW-Router-V10,    i.Node Series
Designed to reduce the power consumption costs and the energy usage through the power peak control, this is a maximum power demand control system.
By monitoring the total power consumption and the state of the operational load, this system controls the targeted power peak through the automatic control of the loads previously set when the targeted peak level is reached.
Product features
  Reduce power and energy consumption and their costs by controlling the targeted peak
  Save electricity by 15% ~ 20% (Payback time for the installation costs is within 1.5 years)
  Control the power loads easily as the power load configuration can be flexibly changed as it is based on the LonWorks distributed control system.
  Intuitive and convenient user interface (High-resolution touch screen)
  Control the targeted power through a control algorithm suitable for the site conditions (The newest applicable control algorithm in the market in Japan ? Applied for a patent)
  Easy to install and maintain as the power line communication and the internet communication are used.

Powerful extension and compatibility (Up to 1,000 loads can be controlled)

Product specifications


Key standards

Main controller (PW-MCTRL-710)

CPU : ARM920T Core - 266MHz,
Windows CE 5.0. Communication: TCP/IP(10M),
Serial 3Port 7-inch TFT LCD.
Resolution: 800*480. 4-wire touch screen

PW Router (PW-Router-V10)

CPU : AVR ATMega16. PL3150 : For communication
Digital Input 2ch ( Dry Contact, 30VDC Max )
Communication: TCP/IP, LonWorks (PL-20C)

PC server

Pentium4 - 3 GHz or higher,
Windows XP. Recommended RAM : 1G or higher,
HDD : 80G or higher

Load controller (iNODE-PDI4DO4)

CPU : AVR ATMega16, PL3150 (LonWorks communication)
Input: Digital Input 4ch ( Dry Contact, 30VDC Max )
Output: Digital Output 4ch ( Max. 3A Relay )


AC 220V

Dimension (mm)

400(W) X 500(H) X 2005(D)

System configuration