It provides a direction connect to the lighting controllers through PLTP (TP communication and power supply, and 2wire TP) without an additional power module to monitor the state of lighting for buildings, factories and large scale facilities, as well as for controlling schedules.

It is a system that controls multiple lighting devices individually or as a group based on configuration consisting of software, lighting control panels, and program switches..
Bar 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8ch switches
Product Features
  Debounce & ON/OFF delay time Plug-in function that can be used easily by users
  Lighting Mode selection function LonMark3.3 Compliant
  Default output setting function Relay state to be displayed through LED
  Easy to install and maintain Echelon link-power coupling communication technology applied
Product Specifications


Lon S/W

Processor Type

Neuron FT3120

Transceiver Type


Processor Clock



 2KB RAM, 12KB ROM, 4KB EEPOM on-chip

Comm. Media

TP(Twisted Pair Line)


24VAC, 20mA Min., 50/60Hz


ANSI/EIA/CEA 709.1 Lon Talk Protocol
ANSI/EIA/CEA 709,3 Twisted Pair Line


1~4CCT: 70mm X 120mm(W x H), 8CCT: 118mm X 116mm(WxH)


0 ~ 50℃, 20 ~ 90% RH

System Configuration