Product features


Controlling of the turning-on/off of street lights
- Dimming control interlocked with illumination
- Set the turning-on/off of street lights at midnight
- Set the turning-on/off of street lights for each quarter or season.
- Manual controlling of street lights

  Time calculation for tuning on/off street lights: Automatic time calculation in line with the altitude of the sun
  Periodic collection and reporting on the information related to the monitoring of street lights.
- Distribution box monitoring information: Consumed/Leaked current,   powerfailure, line disconnection and errors with the controller.
- Street light monitoring information: turning-on/off of street lights,   consumed/leaked current, and information of faults (Related to lamps and disconnection of lines)
  Time error automatic adjustment function
  Power leakage monitoring and shut-off functions

Line Controller
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